Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chunky Pup's Great Adventure

So I did not post yesterday.  Thursday turned out to be an incredibly long day.  Sorry to what have become very loyal readers...surprising even me!  Those of you who read Thursday morning know that I was off to Albany to the NY State Museum to see the 9/11 exhibition.  Turned out to be as emotional as I thought.

Having grown up in Brooklyn, the firehouse wall of Ladder 147 and Engine Co. 281 sharing a wall with the apartment I lived with my mother, sisters, and ultimately my step father who worked that house, I was certainly predisposed to being sensitive.  The damaged fire engine and the looped video of the sole survivor of the house that truck came from brought me to tears, in a moment.  More so than any other loss it is that of the firefighters and their families that still knocks the wind out of me.  They were my heroes when I was growing up, and on September 11, as an adult I watched with world they proved why one last time.  It was a tough exhibition, but I am glad I saw it.

After that Army and I did a little shopping, had a very responsible dinner at the Cheesecake Factory--they have a "Skinnylicious" menu...who'da thought?  Then we went to Colonie to do a little more shopping; hats off to my friend Maria for telling me about Charming Charlies, clearly a store built for me.  If you are not familiar with Charming Charlies (and I was not) it is an accessory store...with accessories not only in every color of the rainbow but then every shade as well.  Totally inexpensive and worth visiting.  And yes, finally a store that I am talking about that actually has an online presence-  After basking in the glory of sparkly, shining things we left Albany.

Pulled in the driveway about 9PM and noticed Zeus was out, not good.  Both dogs were in the house safe and secure when we left.  Someone had stopped by, must have opened the storm door and not closed it firmly when they left.  Zeus stays around for the most part, but Chunky Pup takes off and does not come when she's called.  I stopped wandering around in the dark crying and sobbing and calling her name about 11PM.  After talking to a neighbor, I calculated she had been gone for about 5 hours by the time we arrived home.  I was heartbroken;  I had her squeaky moose out in the swing with me squeaking it and calling her name a while longer before finally going to bed, crying myself to sleep sure that I would never see her again.  Gone too long, traveled too far, she would not be able to find her way home.  My husband left front and back door lights on, the man cave open and lit just in case she came back, she could curl up on the sofa they had just moved down there that morning.  I kept waking up and wandering around checking, only to cry myself back to sleep again.

At 2AM--2AM!-- I woke up to a bark at the front door.  She was home!  Wet, muddy, limping and smelling like a swamp, but home.  I toweled her off as best I could with her tail wagging and head moving trying to get to her moose and kiss me at the same time.  She settled on the floor and slept soundly.  And finally so did I.  I never made it to Clinton yesterday.  I stayed home waited for the furniture to arrive and kept a fire in the wood stove to keep her warm in her bed, with a blanky and her moose.  I finally was able to bath her last night, she could stay awake long enough.

 I love this pup, as I have loved those who have come before her.  My heart breaks a little each and every time it becomes necessary to say goodbye.  I miss Colt and HoneyBear so much sometimes that it is palpable.  The thought of losing Micro to circumstances that were not inevitable angered me greatly.  Lesson to all who drop in someplace...if the house is not yours but you are welcome, be sure to leave it the way you found it and if there are animals around regardless of what you think, be cognizant of their safety and what their owners- presumably your friends or family- think and double check for their safety and well-being.

It's Saturday, Farmer's Market day.  I also have to make a quick trip to Utica- home of all wonderful things Italian- for tomorrow's Sundays Off. Will tell you in the morning if the foray was successful and what I am making!

Thanks to all of you who read, the numbers put a smile on my face...I would love for you to become followers, if you have not already.  It would be an honor.

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