Sunday, June 24, 2012


Long week, wasn't sure Sunday would ever get here. Good thing I love my job, I cannot believe how much life must suck for people who hate their five days a week. For me it is the extreme heat and it does quite literally take weeks for me to recover. This time of the year I recover from one heat spike just about the time the next one arrives! And people wonder why I cannot wait until September.

But anyway, I is the best day. Take a look at this...

Is that not screaming pico de gallo? The Vidalia is in honor of my Georgia girl, Brandy because I have often told her that other than our friendship, I am hard-pressed to come up with good memories of my time in Atlanta, so when I come across a happy moment I make a point of honoring it! I defrosted the skirt and will rub that with cumin and coriander...things are looking up.

I promise I will take pics today and post them.

Have a healthy, happy, and safe day!

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  1. Great photo of the veggies - looks sooooo appetizing!