Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday again

The weekend blew by.  The weather this week doesn't look conducive to outside evening activity.  I may have to work on getting the Bowflex Tread Climber I want; that way, first thing before I blog, before anything, I can at least get some activity points in and if the weather is good, then Chunky Pup and I can get out in the evening.

Before this week let us recap dinner yesterday.  The cheesecake had a few, shall we say, structural issues.  I thought it had cooled enough to remove the spring form, but alas, that was an incorrect assumption so there was some sagging and cracking.  Flavor was incredible, however, between the lemon zest and the vanilla bean seeds...yummy.

The beet salad I did was one of my favorites.  I used canned beets because I could not find fresh that looked nice.  If you make this, buy whole and quarter them.  Slice a Spanish onion thinly, chop some mint (half cup or so).  In a container, put 1/2 cp olive oil (good stuff, with a lot fruity flavor), 1/3 cp lemon juice, 1 chopped clove garlic, the mint, salt and pepper to taste.  Shake hard until your hurts than toss with the beets and onion slices and top with crumbled feta.  I like to serve it on arugula, but a bed of watercress or baby spinach is good too.  Fresh orange juice works well in place of fresh lemon juice, but don't try lime!

The Shrimp with Charmoula sauce and couscous was also outstanding.  I love grilling shrimp, helpful hint: to keep the skewers from flipping and shrimp not, double skewer, that way they cannot spin on the skewer.

To save on calories, it was easier to make a white wine spritzer with vanilla seltzer and reisling.  And, yes, that is a red wine glass, believe it or not I, too, have lazy moments!

Have a happy, healthy, and save day.

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