Thursday, June 21, 2012

Every life-style changers nightmare

Yes, life-style changer not dieter, nightmare.  I had to go to a meet and greet event yesterday evening for work.  You know the classic high-fat, high-calorie event.

(I say life style change and not dieter because if you're dieting and not changing your life style you're screwed anyway!- Failure is your only option)

By the virtue of shear will power I avoided the cocktail of the event, a raspberry Margarita, stuffed mushrooms, glazed chicken and pineapple on a stick, cheeses etc.  How about a vegetable somebody?  Seriously I clung to my ice water with lime (on the side after I heard some of the most frightening restaurant kitchen bacteria information ever) like it was my only life line.

And it was.  When it is this hot and my MS is flaring it is hard to not turn to anything that provides some sort of comfort.  If I was dieting and not changing my life style food and drink would have been an option.  It is not a hard mental game to play- "I feel like *&%^, a stuffed mushroom would taste so absolutely yummy, crab filling inside of white button mushrooms, baked off with a little cheese...that would make me feel better "    or "An ice cold Margarita, that would do the trick, my fingers aren't working correctly, I am bone weary exhausted, color prisms in the corners of my iced cold Margarita would hit the spot" and while both of these are true they are not productive mindsets.  That ice cold water with the lime juice squeezed into instead of sliding the lime slice into actually did help, the more hydrated I am, the cooler the space, the cooler the fluid, the better I feel.  The more weight I loose, the better I feel; stuffed mushrooms and weight lose are a complete dichotomy, mutually exclusive, not in the same ball park, opposite ends of the playing field, one is a hockey stick the other the puck...getting the picture?  Eating so-called comfort food that  has great mouth feel, wonderful memories, or amazing flavor from high fats and calories will only make you feel worse after that 5 second rush.

I need to feel better for the long term and right now just getting out of bed is the greatest struggle of my day.  People always ask me what the worse part of having MS is, I tell them it is the part of  me I lost when I gained MS.  People think they understand the "tired or exhausted" I feel and try desperately to be empathetic- "I know how you feel, I did not sleep well last night"- not to be disrespectful- but you don't have a clue...and I wish I felt that good.

Dr Oz was talking to Guy Fieri the other day.  Look up the restaurant germ and bacteria issues before you go out to eat again.  Argh.

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