Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So here is the hobby...

SarBear thought they were amazing and my boss said that posting them would make me more interesting to my readers.  I don't know you decide.

When I was working on an undergrad degree, I explored the art studio, not just art history, side of life.  I fell into Artist Books, which reflecting on it all is not that surprising because I was already making Art Quilts.  I had a great time and hands down the best professor.  Nancy Callahan is something extraordinary and if you ever have the chance whether at SUCO or elsewhere to take a class from her, do so.  It will change your life.

Many of these were born (like all interesting art) out of the experiences of life.  This first one was in honor of my mother who passed in the early part of this century.  She was a devout Catholic and a women of great strength; how else could she have lived after my sister died?  Her faith, more so than her religion, defined her and gave her purpose.  She had converted to Catholicism from Episcopalian long before I was born and as a convert learned more about the religion and culture than any of us raised in it.

I wanted this to appear as a shrine that had been found in a deep, dark, church basement somewhere.  A self-contained unit that was full of the artifacts of faith.  I think I achieved that.  The one book is a bible (not hers, that I will have forever), the pages glued and niches carved out to hold her rosaries, and the rosaries she gave me.  The opening is covered with tulle because the one strand is made with rose petals and I wanted the scent to be apparent.  The a bible that can only be opened to the book of Ruth, one of her favorites.

So here goes, and tomorrow we will return to food and life and weight and eating...

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