Friday, August 24, 2012

The 5 Year Plan

The first 5 year plan I did on my own was in 2005. I was deeply grieving the end of my marriage and formulating a sentence was hard enough, let alone a 5 year plan. Now, did I accomplish everything I wanted to by 2010? Some of the 2005 plan I cannot even remember, and probably forgot the day after I committed to it. Which brings me to my first few points:

1. Write it down, you don't have to show to anybody, but it will help.

2. Mix it up a little, have lofty goals and realistic goals.

3. Have one very easy and achievable goal. Once that first one is under your belt, the balance seem easier.

One of my goals was to return to school and work on a B.S. in Art with a concentration in Art History, something I always loved. I graduated in December 2008, with honors. Every semester, I sat down and re-thought the goals for the current year to stay on track for the 5 year plan.

None of this was easy, and this was only one of the goals. I update the plan every year, sometimes realizing something undone is no longer important and always adding to the 5 year outlook.

For example, I have had filing for my passport on the plan for two years; but, I did not take care of until this year-the impetus? I know a wonderful young lady who is starting grad school this week at the University of Toronto and I will be visiting her in January. Passport: checked.

DO NOT become so rigid that you don't allow for the unexpected. My husband is one of the great joys of my life and if I had blocked that door 4 years ago because he was not in the 5 year plan, I would have missed out the best relationship of my life.

Losing weight was in this year of the plan: okay, honestly, last year as well but I did not set myself up for success and this year I did. Weight Watcher's online is probably one of the wise set choices I have ever made. It's fun, it keeps me accountable, and it gives me success. Being accountable in this blog has also been a great motivator. But at the end of the day, the work and diligence falls on me . I succeed or fail based on my actions and non-actions. Letting the universe decide your fate is not responsible living.

I still have at least 12lbs more to go, and as I like to tell people "put on your big girl pants and a smile on your face and just do it". Stop making excuses for failure, and instead, commit to success.

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