Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Okay, I know falling off the wagon last week was akin to a mortal sin, but seriously living on fruit, veg, dairy-based protein and avocado and walking I expected a couple of ounces at least to go away. But no, this will linger lending more credibility to my stance that even if I eat like a "normal" person my body does abnormal things.

Sometimes I do think weight loss surgery is the easy way out and wonder why I did not do it when I was ridiculously heavier and had been approved for it. Then I remember, I love food and wine. Oh, and I can achieve goals, and I am disciplined, and I never take the easy way out. .

There, I needed that self-pep talk. Onward and upward, or downward as the case may be to the goal. Retrench, rethink, and redo!

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