Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I forgot to hit publish!

Wow is it Friday?  This is an addendum to this morning's no-post because I never hit publish!  It almost seems as though it should be Monday.

I am setting myself up for disaster on Saturday.  Oh, I am still going to the Farmer's Market, but only for supplies for next week.  Why, you ask?  Because we are going to the New York State Fair.  I have never been to a state fair, only county fairs.  I love the fair.  I love the furry animals, the hand-crafted goods,  and the food.  So I will e flipping my free day this week and not take Sunday Off...unless I can really stay away from the fried dough, hot sausage rolls, and a plethora of oher baked goods.

I will still take pics, but it will be rather unhealthy...and who knows, I slipped into a size 10 pant over the weekend so that may keep me motivated to stay away from the fried dough; or at least most of it.  I will have to take a bite.

I do not know if this is Weight Watcher's approved behavior, but I think switching my days " off" and allowing myself to sample some of  the good-on-your taste buds, bad-for-the-rest of your body food stuffs makes more sense than going into it blind and unrealistic...I will keep you posted.  Tomorrow is weigh in day, let's see if my stuck trend continues.

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