Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is it Friday?

I know, not even close. It's not even hump day yet, which, considering the scale NEVER moves on Wednesday isn't even a good day. I just feel drained and tired and I want the week to be over.

It is hard to get back on the wagon. I thought I was going to starve to death yesterday, and all I did was eat. I am sure I was craving the bad-for-you crap food that I was eating after I crashed the wagon last week. Today will be easier and tomorrow more so. It is not worth falling off the wagon; I think I will stay on it here to fore.

I think I will go thrift / consignment store hopping at lunch today. I don't always find stuff, but it does keep the cost of clothing down while I am still in rapidly shrinking woman mode (thank you Bob O'Rourke). And I even have another goal other than my doctor's appointment next month- my Blake is coming to visit the end of that week. I can't wait to see him; it's been over a year. Check out below for a pic of my very handsome son!

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