Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday's dinner

Since I was so well-behaved Saturday at the fair, I held fast to Sunday dinner. I cooked Indian flavored with beef, it literally cooked on the back burner of my stove on low heat all afternoon. My husband cut a head of cauliflower out of the garden so I cooked that with coconut milk and red curry paste and, for the cabbage straight out of the garden I heated some cumin and mustard seeds in a sauté pan until they popped, tossed in the cabbage, gated in some fresh ginger, minced garlic, a little salt, a little pepper, and some chicken stock and let that cook down. A little bulgar wheat / orzo pilaf and some naan and dinner was served. Check out the pic.

I did not make dessert. My theory was that I did have some foods Saturday that even in little bites could not have been good.

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