Monday, August 13, 2012

David Kirchoff, President and CEO of Weight Watchers is right. Never stop tracking, never stop blocking; bad things happen once you reduce accountability. I thought I gained back 1/2lb., again math is not my strong suit. I gained back 1 1/2lbs. Last week was not a good week

I was having problems with my eyes, worked a lot, and got into the potato chips. Another Kirchoff tru-ism: don't have temptations in easy to get to places. Army has to keep that stuff in the man cave. Finally...a practical reason for the man cave.

Pics of last night's dinner. I did Maine mahogany clams with chorizo, garlic, crushed red and lemon zest in white wine with crusty bread and garlic caesar salad. For dessert (no pics), gluten free chocolate cookies from Stagecoach coffee,, that Sarbear gave me before she left Friday. I put them in the freezer for yesterday. Yummy.

On a sad note, Sarbear's last day was Friday, she is off on another great adventure; it was also Hannah's last day, she is off to grad England! I will miss them both

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