Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunday Sauce

Technically will begin today.

Of to the Farmer's Market this morning to get all the "stuff" I live on all week. I hope Middle field Orchard has more peaches; their's are the best I have had so far.

Then off to the grocery store for stuff for Sunday Sauce; ground pork and veal for meatballs, beef to cook down in the sauce; hot sausage; maybe some eye round to pound thin to stuff, roll, and tie. I have to start the cooking tonight because I am working at least part of tomorrow. I think dinner will be late and romantic; but appetizers early. All this because I have bread from the North End of Boston in my freezer!

I have to pick up the stuff for homemade ricotta too. I am doing a version of David Rocco's Cassata Rustica. I love his show on the cooking channel, I think it's on at 3:30 on Sundays, but it has been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and watch it. Check out the guide at: I decided I would like to use a chocolate sponge and eighty-six the pie (gross!)crust.

I picked up some wine, Chianti and Valpolicella...yummy.

Tomorrow is weigh in too. I am guardedly optimistic; I know this sounds silly, but I feel like I can feel my hip bones better.

Tomorrow there will be pictures, I might start posting some on FB today as I start the cheese and cake.

Enjoy today.

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