Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Again...I typed suck, accidentally or subconsciously left out the "t"; of course either one would have worked.

At least this week's midweek weigh-in I know the reason. Back to wishing for menopause. My appointment with Dr. Palumbo is next week and I really, really want to hit that 40lb mark, anything beyond that is gravy as I then head toward the 50lb mark.

All I can say is stick with the plan. WWPP works...if you diligently follow it. The recipes are great and even early on when I was unsure of it all, the pre-made refrigerator meals were pretty good; although, I won't lie, 0 point loading is the best way to never be hungry...3 cups of fresh kale rubbed with fresh squeezed citrus (any) juice and sprinkled with a little sea salt is a huge amount of cannot be hungry after that!

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