Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am a bad blogger...

I am late again in posting, but I could not open my eyes enough this morning to see what I was doing.

Woke up several times during the night with my eyeballs glued shut-must have ended up with make up in them when I washed my face. So I look lovely today. The swelling is finally down enough so I can see.

Of course this was after sitting on the floor with Chunky Pup who had some sort of seizure last evening. I think we are all convinced that this weight loss project is as essential for her as it is for me.

Typical Wednesday morning on the scale. Stuck again. Army's cooking dinner tonight so I will be in salad land although I hope he does pick up pork chops; I will have those and my salad. I have fruit to eat all day so I am good there.

I am so on track for all this year's goals. Truth be told I have accomplished all but one and it is only August. The five year plan is on track; Sarbear looked at me like I was nuts when I mentioned the five year plan. Apparently not everybody has one. But then how do set goals, track progress, and achieve what you desire. I may have to talk more about this in future blog posts.

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